STRATA offers a full range of services including:

Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Receivables: collection and preparation of arrears letters; follow-up to ensure expeditious settlement
  • Payables: invoice approval; design and implementation of preventative maintenance programs, appraisal of reserve fund and appropriate recommendations to Board members
  • Preparation of an annual budget and cash flow projections; investment of surplus and reserve funds
  • Owners’ registry: issuance of status certificates, lien registration and/or discharge, and monthly financial statement preparation


  • Preparation of correspondence relating to Board meetings, monthly work progress reports, meeting agendas, monthly financial statements and list of receivables
  • Interpretation and enforcement, under Board direction, of the corporation’s declaration and by-laws, rules and regulations
  • Close liaison with professionals such as lawyers, accountants, engineers, appraisers and insurance experts
  • Initiation of appraisals to determine the actual life expectancy of all common elements and their replacement costs in order to establish realistic reserve fund requirements for the corporation


  • 24-hour emergency number provided to all owners
  • Appraisal of all existing maintenance contracts, insurance policies and related expenditures
  • Solicitation of quotations for contracts for Board approval
  • Follow-up with contractors while on site